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Put your server on the web effortlessly with Microscope. Our powerful bot instantly indexes your server's public forum posts, making it easy for people to find your content through traditional platforms like Google search. This leads to organic growth and a thriving community. Invite Microscope to your server now and start seeing results!

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Appear in Google Search

Your server's public content will appear in Google search results making it easier for people to find answers and easier for you to build an organic community.

Instant Indexing

Microscope provides instant indexing of your public forum content, making it easily accessible to all on the web. And, if you need to disable it, simply use the /disable command.

Synced with Discord

New posts, messages, edits, and deletion are reflected on microscope.app in a matter of seconds.

Unique Forum Features

Add auto reactions to new forum posts or enable advanced forum logging.

Engaging AI Commands

Take your server to the next level with our engaging AI commands. Generate AI images, text, drawings, and more to keep your members entertained and engaged.

Always Free and Reliable

Our bot is always free to use, and it boasts an impressive uptime of over 99.9%. You won't have to deal with unresponsive commands or worry about paying an arm and a leg.

Quick Setup

Simply invite the bot and ensure it has proper permissions. No messy commands or confusing web dashboards required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this bring new members?

Normally Discord is disconnected from places like Google search. Microscope aims to bridge that gap by allowing your content to be accessible to all. Your server's posts can appear in Google search much like Reddit or Quora posts already do.

What if I dont want my content to be indexed?

You can disable the indexing of posts with the /disable command. This will remove and prevent the indexing of all posts. It is important to note that Microscope only indexes forum posts, if you do not have forum channels no content is indexed.

What permissions are required?

The bot requires minimal permissions, no need to worry about hacks or access to sensitive information.

Is there anything I need to do after inviting the bot?

Once you have invited the bot and confirmed it has proper permissions you are finished. No ongoing configuration or maintenance required.

Is this against Discord TOS?

No. By inviting the bot you grant access to your server's messages and channels. The bot is verified by Discord and we take measures to ensure your data is safe.

Where can I ask questions or get help?

You can ask questions, get help, make suggestions, and more in the support Discord server.

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